Dewayne Harris is the original tenor and founding member of the Commonwealth Quartet. He makes his home in Gallatin, Tennessee with his wife Mara. Dewayne and Mara have three children and nine grandchildren and a schnauzer named Tucker. Dewayne has been singing since the age of thirteen, He has sung in revivals, concerts and church services wherever he was invited. Singing in a quartet has been his hearts desire since he was a child. Dewayne has followed quartets since childhood, and many of them have been his heroes.
Shane Harris is the Lead singer, and younger brother of Dewayne. Shane and his wife Christy live in Castalian Springs, Tennessee. Shane takes care of the mechanical workings of the Quartet. You can find Shane under the bus as much as he is on it. He repairs the sound system when necessary and keeps the group on the road. Shane has been with Commonwealth for over ten years. We feel he does a great job singing as well as all the other hard work that he does for the group. We are proud to have him in our group.
Tom Sammons,    After a two year hiatus Tom Sammons has returned as baritone.  Tom's smooth baritone adds a richness to the harmony of Commonwealth. Tom lives in Castalian Springs TN with his wife Faye and their yorkie Moousse. Tom has been singing since the age of thirteen and brings a wealth of experience with him.Tom is glad to return and sing as long as he can. We are glad to welcome him back, and look forward to many more years together.
Kevin Sanderson is singing his way into the hearts of people all over the country. Kevin makes his home in Gallatin, Tennessee with his wife Nancy. They have one daughter, Amber. Kevin is a great bass singer and a great quartet man. Kevin takes care of the printed media that the quartet needs. This is Kevin's first try at a southern gospel quartet. He has been involved with choirs and other kind of gospel singing. He works hard to learn the songs and his parts, He puts a solid bottom on the sound of the Commonwealth Quartet. Take time when you are at a concert to get to know this great Christian man.